Used Box Store

1.5 Carton

1.5 Cu Ft Moving Box

Great for books, DVDs, and anything small.
Price: $1.00

3.0 Carton

3.0 Cu Ft Moving Box

Good for Tupperware and lighter objects.
Price: $1.00

4.5 Carton

4.5 Cu Ft Moving Box

Great for clothes and other large objects that aren't too heavy.
Price: $1.00

6.0 Carton

6.0 Cu Ft Moving Box

Great for large not so heavy items such as comforters.
Price: $3.00

Dish Pack Carton

Dish Pack Moving Box

Ideal for glassware and anything else that is breakable.
Price: $5.00

Wardrobe Carton

Wardrobe Moving Box

Take your clothers from your closet to the box and back into your new closet with these super convenient moving boxes.
Price: $6.00

Mirror Carton

Mirror/Picture Moving Box

Great for pictures, paintings, mirrors, etc.
Price: $2.00

Material Store

Single Roll Packing Tape

Moving Packing Tape

Very strong tape. A single roll.
Price: $6.00

Pack of 6 Packing Tape

Moving Packing Tape

Very strong tape. A pack of 6 rolls.
Price: $36.00

Packing Paper

Moving Packing Paper

Great for wrapping up your belongings to keep them safe during the move.
Price: $40.00

Brown Wrap

Moving Packing Brown Wrap

Great for wrapping up TVs, large pieces of glass, paintings, etc. 1 bundle.
Price: $50.00

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